DeafBlind Interpreting

DeafBlind interpreters are trained in tactile signing and adept in providing visual environmental information in addition to spoken or signed content. A qualified DeafBlind interpreter knows how to modify the signing space, the distance between the consumer and interpreter, adjust pacing, as is competent in delivering in a manner which is meaningful and coherent for the individual who is DeafBlind.

The DeafBlind community is diverse and have various hearing and vision levels. Some people have close or low vision, others may have reduced peripheral fields of vision (Usher Syndrome), and others may not have any useful vision at all. Some have residual hearing, are hard of hearing, and may/may not use hearing aids or cochlear implants, while others are profoundly deaf. There is also linguistic diversity in this group. Some need close/low vision interpreting, others will need one handed/two handed tactile interpreting. Connect with us to see how we can provide DeafBlind interpretation to meet your consumers needs.

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To request DeafBlind interpretation, please contact us with your request by email, phone or simply click the button above to request an interpreter.

We have a specialized network of contracted professional interpreters with experience and expertise in tactile signing to support your needs.


Our secure, HIPAA compliant web-based scheduling program make working with us as seamless as possible. With a client login, our clients can take advantage of viewing all requests, creating requests for new services, cancelling existing requests or editing appointment information.

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