Virtual ASL Interpreting

Built for tele-health and tele-work needs, our virtual ASL interpreting services can meet your needs to bridge communication gaps through your preferred video conferencing platform. By utilizing mainstream devices and video connections services, Open Doors Interpreting can bring you a team of interpreters that best fit your communication needs. Our systems advance the civil rights of your residents, consumers and employees while providing a contactless option which can be accessed worldwide.


Why Use Virtual ASL Interpreting?

Video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, and Whereby) can accommodate different video meeting sizes while allowing for visibility of the interpreter as well as selection of preferred interpreters with specialized skillsets.

How does Virtual ASL Interpreting happen?

An online audio and video conferencing software is used where both the client, the Deaf or Hard of Hearing consumer and interpreter are meeting virtually.

Video conferencing is not recommended for DeafBlind users. Check out our DeafBlind Interpreting option for your needs.

Why Choose Open Doors Interpreting?

  • ADA/HIPAA compliant
  • Affordable pricing
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interpreters
  • Highest standards and professionalism guaranteed

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